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Photography and Video Competition

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Video (Reels/TikTok) Competition

  • Create a 30-60 second Reel or TikTok (or similar video) showcasing your experiences, activities, or learnings from the programme

  • Videos should be creative, engaging, and highlight the spirit of the summer programme

Photography Competition

  • Submit up to 10 original photographs taken during the programme

  • Photos can capture landscapes, people, events, or anything that represents your summer experience


Creativity & Originality

  • Unique and inventive approach to content and storytelling

  • Creative use of camera angles, transitions, effects, and editing


Engagement & Entertainment Value

  • Ability to capture and maintain the viewer's attention

  • Use of humor, emotion, information, or other engaging elements


Technical Execution

  • Smooth camera work and clear audio quality

  • Effective use of in-app features like filters, music, etc.


Relevance to Theme

  • How well the video connects to and illustrates the given competition theme

  • Thoughtful interpretation of the theme in a compelling way


Relevance to programme at Cambridge

  • How well the image connects to and illustrates the given competition theme

  • Thoughtful interpretation of the theme in a compelling way


Technical Quality

  • Proper exposure, focus, and depth of field

  • Effective use of lighting, framing, and composition


Emotional Impact

  • Conveyance of the photographer's intended mood or message

  • Captivating and memorable visual storytelling at the summer programme



  • Unique and creative approach to the subject matter

  • Evidence of the photographer's personal style and vision


1. Posting on your own Social Media

Post your photos and/or videos on your own social media platforms.


2. Submission to Designated Platform

In addition to posting on social media, you also need to submit your photos and/or videos to a designated platform provided by the organiser. This allows the organiser to track the engagement on the submitted content fits for the criteria. Only the submitted work will be counted in the competition.


3. Submitting Screenshot with ‘Likes’

At a designated time, you will need to submit a screenshot showing the number of 'likes' on your post of your submitted photos/videos. This allows the organiser to determine the most popular entries.


4. Most ‘Liked’ Winners

The most 'liked' photos and/or videos will be the winners. This suggests the competition is based on audience engagement and popularity on social media, have the submission met the competition criteria.

*The photos and/or videos must meet the qualification criteria in order to be eligible to win.

**All entries must be the original work of the submitting photographer. You need to ensure the content is unique and not plagiarised.

***The organiser has the final right to announce the winners.

Prizes (3 awards for each competition)

1st - £100 gift card + £500 voucher for future programmes

2nd - £70 gift card + £300 voucher for future programmes

3rd - £50 gift card + £100 voucher for future programmes

Winners will be awarded and displayed at the Formal Dinner closing ceremony


By entering this competition, you agree to grant the summer programme organiser the right to use, publish, and display your submitted video or photo for promotional purposes related to the programme. This includes sharing your entry on the organisation's website, social media, presentations, and other public-facing materials. Appropriate credit will be given to you as the creator.


The organisation reserves the right to edit entries as needed for publication. Submissions with inappropriate content will not be eligible. Participation in this competition signifies acceptance of these terms. Please contact the programme coordinators if you have any questions.

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