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Maxer Summer Advanced Research Programme

*Residence: Colleges of Cambridge University
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The rigorous and prestigious two-week Summer Advanced Research Programme is designed to cultivate unparalleled research skills and foster deep academic knowledge, participants will find a commitment to excellence like no other. Our students are carefully handpicked for their exceptional dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. The programme is crafted to ensure that students emerge with a profound understanding of their respective fields of interest and to develop or hone research capabilities.

Intake Requirements:

This programme represents a higher tier of admission standards compared to the other research programme, as it is limited to a select group of 20-25 students. We highly encourage students who see themselves qualified for higher level of academic training or ones who have substantially completed the Summer Academic Programme to apply, as these students often feel more confident and get encouraged to join the next level of gaining research skills.

Instructional Model

Summer Advanced Research Programme goes beyond simply teaching research techniques; as it fosters an unyielding enthusiasm for exploration. Our small, exclusive classes are where serious discussions thrive, and ideas are shared among the best and brightest. This tailored approach allows students to focus their efforts and delve deeper into a specific area of study, fostering a more immersive and fulfilling educational experience.

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Click to learn more about the Programme Highlights

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Subject Portfolio

Finance and Economics

Dr. Matthias Dörrzapf

Medicine and Health Care

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Prof. Thomas Krieg

Programme Dates

Summer Advanced Research Programme will take place in the following periods in the summer 2024:

July 29 - August 11, 2024

August 12 - August 25, 2024

Subjects with the corresponding Cambridge Professors are available as follows:

July 29 - August 11, 2024

  • Dr. Matthias Dörrzapf

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Programme Itinerary

The two-week programme prioritises academic immersion with a strong emphasis on research workshops led by experienced scholars and mandatory proposal writing sessions under their guidance. The following plan outlines a preliminary structure to provide an overview of the programme for reference:



The assessment method for our research programme is designed to ensure a comprehensive and fair evaluation of participants' research endeavours. This multifaceted evaluation process involves a thorough review of their 2000-word research proposals by both experienced professors and dedicated supervisors. During the evaluation period, participants have the opportunity to succinctly present their research proposals, emphasising critical findings, methodologies, and implications. This platform serves as an effective means for communicating their work and refining their presentation skills.

  • 15-minute presentations for research evaluation

  • Participants must submit a minimum 2000-word research proposal as a programme requirement.

  • Assessments by experienced professors and dedicated supervisors

  • Emphasis on critical findings, methodologies, and effective communication

  • Valuable feedback and constructive criticism provided

  • Encourages academic growth and excellence in the programme

Admission Requirements

This programme is suitable for:

  • High School, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who possess excellent academic ability and want to extend their research interest with guidance from the best scholars from the University of Cambridge*

  • Age 16 and above

We welcome talented individuals to join our programme. To ensure a fair and competitive admission process, the programme requires you to submit the following documents for admission:

Transcript with minimum grade:

GPA - 3.4 (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent /
General Grade - 88 or equivalent 

(official transcript required, studying relevant subject preferred. Minor short of grade can be evaluated on individual cases)

Proof of English:

All courses and activities in the programme are held in English. Students are expected to have a very high level of English (equivalent to IELTS band 7 etc) to interact with the teaching academics, fellow students, and programme team members, as well as to conduct the final assessments to graduate from the programme.


Please provide any proof of your English ability (could be any of the following: English proficiency test certificate, school transcript, competition certificate etc)

Personal Statement:

A well-crafted personal statement highlighting goals, aspirations, and why you're a perfect fit for the programme (within 200 words)

Recommendation Letter:

A recommendation letter from an academic source who can attest to your abilities and potential

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Apply now to be admitted and pick your desired subject led by the renowned Cambridge Professor*!

***Application is reviewed on a rolling-basis. Early application is strongly advised as places are filled quickly.

***An admission result will be notified within 3 working days via email.

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To deliver a comprehensive and enriching experience in Cambridge, all participants are accommodated in different buildings of colleges of the University of Cambridge*. While most accommodation is single/twin rooms with shared, unisex bathroom facilities, dormitory rooms come in different size, shape and style in different colleges. On special request, en-suite single rooms are also available at an additional charge on a first come first serve basis.

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Fee Structure

Summer Advanced Research Programme Fee:

£6,900 / two week programme

What is included:

  • Accommodation for 13 nights in a University of Cambridge* college.

  • Daily breakfast and dinners, with a memorable distinctive formal dining experience in the Cambridge tradition on the day of the graduation ceremony.

  • All academic activities, such as lectures, supervisions, revisions/seminars, master talks with world-class speakers, organisational visits, final group presentations, and access to teaching venues.

  • A rich social and cultural schedule, including excursions to London and Oxford.

  • Convenient transportation, including airport pick-up and drop-off shuttle services, as well as transportation for the day trips to London and Oxford.

  • A UK SIM card with prepaid allowances for data, calls, and texts.

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage.

  • Programme awards as outlined in the program details

Take advantage of our early application discounts by confirming your enrollment with prompt payment, ensuring both your spot and savings on programme fees as follows :

  • Before Dec 31 2023                                              .

  • Before Feb 15 202

  • Before Apr 15 202 

£500 reduction (best option to secure your 2024 spot in 2023)

£300 reduction

£100 reduction

Application closure occurs upon reaching full capacity for the course. 

DON’T MISS the deadlines : Discounts are applicable for full payments made by specified discount deadlines only.

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